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Your Ultimate Wedding Beauty Planning Guide: What and When to Start

It’s no secret that a lot goes into planning a wedding — from the venue, food, and music to bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s tuxes, and your wedding dress. While planning each of these items is, of course, important, don’t forget to carve out some space in your bustling pre-wedding schedule to focus on yourself and any beauty treatments you’d like to have before your big day.


By planning out your wedding beauty timeline as much ahead of time as you can, you can easily fit every treatment on your wishlist into the months before you say “I do.” Here, we break down how soon you need to start each beauty treatment in order to see your final stunning results in plenty of time to walk down the aisle. 




Getting glowing, radiant skin for your wedding will take a bit of prep work, as new skincare products and treatments can take some time to work. But trust us, your results will be well worth it!


Customized Skincare Regimen


When to start: 1 year out


The best way to treat and prevent any number of skin conditions — from dryness and flaking to acne and wrinkles to dark spots and uneven skin tone — is to work with a dermatologist to create a customized skincare regimen. However, it can take several months for the results of a new skincare regimen to show up on your skin, even though it’s working hard behind the scenes. So it’s best to schedule a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist as early as a year before your wedding so you can begin using your new products well in advance. 


Also note that some ingredients like retinol need to be gradually introduced to your skin to minimize side effects like redness, dryness, and flaking. So if you plan on adding retinol or other similar ingredients to your skincare routine, be sure to do so several months in advance. This will also help you to see the best results from these new products.


Laser Skin Treatments


When to start: 6 months out


Laser skin treatments can treat a range of common skin problems, including fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scars, redness and visible veins, dark spots, dull skin texture, and more. Depending on the type of laser you choose, after effects like peeling, flaking, and redness can be common, so you want to give your skin plenty of time to heal and rejuvenate after your last last treatment appointment.



When to start: 6 months out


If you’ve never had injectable fillers or BOTOX®/Dysport® before, start at least six months before your wedding to make sure you love your results. You can get a final treatment if needed at least two weeks before your wedding day, but it’s best to err on the sooner side to ensure that all bruising and swelling has completely diminished and your final results have developed.




When to start: 3 to 6 months out


Don’t start working with a brand-new aesthetician right before your wedding. Get your first facial with someone new a few months beforehand so you know how your skin will react. Once you know your skin tolerates this specific facial well, you can get regular facials throughout your wedding planning phase, getting your last one no sooner than one week before your big day.




Body-smoothing treatments are popular picks before weddings, but it’s important to get the timing right so you can enjoy your full results in time for your wedding and honeymoon. 


Laser Hair Removal


When to start: 1 year out


Have a beach wedding or a romantic honeymoon planned somewhere tropical? Starting laser hair removal a year in advance will give you plenty of time to complete a full round of treatments so you can relax on the beach with smooth, effortless skin.


Most people need 6 to 8 laser hair removal treatments to see optimal results. Since each treatment is typically spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart, start as soon as you can so you can fit your full treatment in before your wedding day.


Body Contouring


When to start: 6 months out


Body contouring treatments like EMSCULPT® Neo and CoolSculpting® Elite can help you get the slim, toned-looking physique you want for your wedding day. Plan on starting these treatments around six months in advance to give your results plenty of time to fully develop. Some people see the best results after a series of body contouring treatments, so starting earlier will also give you time to fit more than one appointment in before the big day.


Cellulite Reduction


When to start: 3 to 4 months out


Don’t let pesky cellulite keep you from loving the way you look and feel in your wedding dress and bikini on your honeymoon! Cellulite treatment options like VelaShape® can smooth away cellulite lumps and bumps without surgery. 


Most people see the best results after six VelaShape treatment sessions, each spaced around two weeks apart. 


Hair & Brows


Give your hair and brows a glow-up before your wedding with these quick and easy treatments.


Scalp Treatments


When to start: 3 months out


Getting healthier, fuller-looking hair starts with your scalp, and what better way to pamper yourself before your wedding than with a quick and easy scalp treatment? In a 30-minute appointment, the HydraFacial® Keravive scalp treatment removes dirt, oil, and other impurities from your hair follicles while simultaneously hydrating and nourishing your scalp for smooth, radiant hair. 


To see the best results, skincare professionals recommend a series of three Keravive treatments over the course of three months. 




When to start: 3 months out


Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup used to fill in or reshape your brows, giving you an elegant look without plucking or waxing. Because it can take some time for your skin to heal after microblading, it’s recommended that you schedule your appointment for at least three months before getting married. 


Microblading can last 18 to 30 months before gradually fading away, so you should be able to continue enjoying your results well after your wedding day and honeymoon.


If you’re newly engaged (congratulations!) and eager to start planning your wedding beauty schedule, give our Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale office a call today at 561-454-8002 or contact us online to set up a time to meet with one of our knowledgeable skincare experts!