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Botox In Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale, FL

We all know that Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment for wrinkles, but you may not know that it’s also a great way to improve your overall facial appearance. If you’re looking for a more youthful appearance, Sanctuary Medical in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale can help.

What Are The Benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® is a minimally invasive treatment that can provide you with dramatic results. There is no surgery or downtime required, and the results of BOTOX® are usually visible within a few days.

BOTOX® can give you a more youthful appearance that lasts several months.

The benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic are many and include:

  • A more youthful appearance
  • Smoothing of lines and wrinkles
  • A natural-looking result
  • Minimal side effects
  • No downtime or recovery period
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Can BOTOX® be Combined with Other Treatments?

You can do BOTOX® in conjunction with other treatments, but BOTOX® works best on its own. BOTOX® is a fast and affordable way to achieve a more youthful appearance.

If you’re having BOTOX® done soon, you should avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours beforehand, as it can increase bruising and swelling.

You should also avoid taking aspirin or other blood thinners for at least a week before your treatment, as they can also increase bruising and bleeding.

What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Fine lines and wrinkles on the face continue to appear and get deeper every day. These lines are the result of repetitive movements from smiling, squinting, frowning, and other facial expressions made on a daily basis. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medication that is injected into the muscles in the face to temporarily reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles between and around the eyebrows, on the forehead, and in the crow’s feet area around the eyes. BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments can reveal a more youthful and smooth aesthetic.

Who is a Good Candidate for BOTOX®?

Candidates for BOTOX® Cosmetic are men and women who experience fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, frown and furrowed brow lines on the forehead, prominent neck bands or cords, and fine lines on the upper lips, marionette lines at the corners of the mouth, and rippling at the chin.

BOTOX® Medical can be used to treat patients who suffer from excessive sweating on the hands, soles of the feet, and armpits, overactive bladder, lazy eye, neck spasms, and chronic migraines.

Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center is the #1 BOTOX® Cosmetic provider in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale, available for all of your BOTOX® treatment needs.

BOTOX®: An Overview Of The Process

BOTOX® is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that has been used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging since its approval by the FDA in 2002. During a BOTOX® treatment, small amounts of purified botulinum neurotoxin protein are injected into specific facial and neck muscles. This muscle paralysis relaxes the muscles, which smoothes out wrinkles and other signs of aging.

After BOTOX® treatment, patients must wait for the product to take full effect. This process usually takes about three to four days, and the results typically last for three to four months. After this time has passed, patients may need additional treatments to maintain their desired results.

Routine care is also recommended for patients who receive BOTOX® injections. This includes using a mild cleanser and moisturizing the skin to keep it healthy and hydrated. Additionally, it is vital to protect the skin from excessive sun exposure, as this can reduce the effects of BOTOX® treatments.

BOTOX® is Safe & FDA Approved

BOTOX® is safe, fast, and effective; its effects usually last from three to six months, after which time another treatment may be necessary. The procedure itself takes only about 10 minutes and requires no downtime afterward.

It is approved by the US FDA and has been used successfully to treat millions of people worldwide.

How BOTOX® Cosmetic Works

BOTOX® works by blocking the signal from the nerve to the muscle, causing temporary paralysis of the injected muscles. This process relaxes and smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.

BOTOX® can eliminate many types of wrinkles, including crow’s feet, forehead creases, frown lines, and more.

At Sanctuary Medical, our experienced team of medical professionals will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

 Are BOTOX® Injections Painful?

BOTOX injections are relatively painless. Most patients report feeling minimal discomfort during the procedure. A topical anesthetic may be applied to minimize any potential discomfort. Additionally, the needles are very small and thin, so most patients find the sensation quite tolerable.


Most patients report a slight sting that is similar to a bug bite. Any discomfort is minimal and is gone within minutes of receiving treatment. There is no downtime associated with BOTOX® Cosmetic. Often known as a “lunchtime procedure,” patients may return to work and regular activities immediately after their injectable treatment.


The marked improvement from your BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment will begin to be visible within a few days and will show continued improvement for over one month. BOTOX® Cosmetic results last for about four months. It is recommended that patients maintain their injectable treatments if they want to see continued results. If you choose to discontinue treatment, then the lines and wrinkles will gradually become more apparent, just like they were before starting BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments. BOTOX® Cosmetic offers patients a smooth, youthful, natural-looking appearance to be proud of!

Before and After

BOTOX® Cosmetic Vs. Dermal Fillers

BOTOX® and dermal fillers are both common procedures to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They are often used in combination to give the best results.

BOTOX® is most effective on dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. Dermal fillers are most effective on static wrinkles caused by loss of volume in the face.

If you’re unsure which treatment is right for you, our team at Sanctuary Medical can help. We will assess your individual needs and create a treatment plan that is right for you.

Contact Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center to schedule your BOTOX® Cosmetic injections in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with one of our highly trained BOTOX® Cosmetic specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people can see visible results from their Botox treatment within two to four days. However, you won’t see the full effects of Botox until after about two weeks. For best results, it is recommended that you avoid rubbing or massaging the treated areas for at least 24 hours following your appointment. 

Botox is an effective, non-surgical treatment for a variety of facial issues. You can use it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead creases. Additionally, you can use Botox to improve the appearance of a low or uneven brow line and even help with excessive sweating in certain areas.

Botox treatment has minimal downtime associated with it. In most cases, patients can resume their regular activities immediately after the procedure. The only thing that is typically required is to avoid strenuous activity or exercise for at least 24 hours following the treatment. This ensures that the Botox injections have time to take full effect.

Botox is generally a safe and effective treatment with minimal side effects. Common side effects may include mild redness, swelling, itching, or bruising at the injection site. Additionally, some people may experience temporary drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow in the area where Botox was injected. This usually resolves itself within a few days or weeks.

The effects of Botox typically last between three and six months. After this time, another treatment may be necessary to maintain the desired results. The exact duration of the effects will vary depending on various factors, such as the amount injected and how quickly your body metabolizes the injection. Additionally, some people may respond differently to Botox than others.

The “frozen” look associated with Botox is often due to over-injecting the product in certain areas. To avoid this, you must choose an experienced, qualified injector who understands your desired outcome and knows how to properly administer the product. Additionally, it is important to discuss your desired results with your provider beforehand so that they can tailor the treatment to your needs.

Botox treatments are most commonly used by adults, typically aged 18 and over. The best age to receive Botox will depend on your individual needs, goals, and skin health. Generally speaking, younger people may benefit from preventative treatments, while those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s may be better suited for treatments that are focused on improving the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.


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