Your Ultimate Pre-Wedding Workout Plan: 4 Tips for Success

You’ve said “yes,” shared the happy news with your family and friends, and picked a date. Now, the planning begins! In between picking out venues, taste-testing wedding cakes, and, of course, finding the perfect dress, many brides strive to hit a fitness or weight loss milestone before the big day. Use this guide to help you stay on track, hit your goals and stay sane doing it!

1. Start 6 Months or More in Advance

The sooner you can begin a new workout plan, the better your results can be. Starting your workout plan at least six months before your wedding day will give you enough time to reasonably achieve your fitness or weight loss goals. Set yourself up for success by starting slowly, gradually building up the intensity, duration, and frequency of your workouts as you feel stronger and more flexible.


If you think you might want to work a body contouring treatment like CoolSculpting or EMSCULPT into your pre-wedding workout plan, you’ll want to book your consultation well in advance so you and your treatment provider can plan ahead. It will take some time for your full results to develop, so don’t make the mistake of waiting to schedule an appointment the week before your wedding!

2. Don’t Crash Diet

You’ll also want to start making healthy changes to your diet several months before the big day to reap the most benefits, see a more dramatic transformation, and feel your absolute best. Crash dieting two weeks before your wedding not only isn’t going to give you the results you’re looking for, but it’ll drain you of energy and make you even more stressed than you already are.


Instead, build lasting healthy eating habits over the course of several weeks or months and allow your body to gradually become accustomed to your new-and-improved lifestyle.

3. Make It Fun

You’ve got enough stress and chores to check off your to-do list right now, so don’t make fitting exercise into your busy schedule yet another headache. Instead, mix up your workouts, choosing exercises that are fun and stress-relieving so you’ll actually look forward to doing them. Plus, fun workouts make it much easier to stay on track and not talk yourself out of exercising.


Need some ideas? Try cardio dance programs, Pilates, HIIT workouts, or jogging outdoors if you’re a nature lover. Or, de-stress with yoga or tai chi.

4. Leave Some Wiggle Room after Your Final Dress Fitting

If you plan to lose weight before your wedding, make sure you leave enough time between your final dress fitting and your wedding day in case a quick alteration needs to be made to accommodate your slimmer figure. If you can, let your seamstress know that you plan to lose X amount of weight before the big day so that she can help you plan a reasonable timeline for your final fitting.


Finally, try to remember that your wedding day (and the journey leading up to it!) are supposed to be fun and enjoyable — so don’t let stress take away from the beauty of the entire experience.


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