Treatments to Help Get Rid of Cellulite

Picture this: You’re getting ready one morning and catch a glimpse of the back of your leg in the mirror. What on earth is that?! You try to wipe it away, but it’s still there. You move your legs, tighten them to contract the muscle, but nope! It’s still there. Then you realize that it’s cellulite that you’re seeing. An area of lumpy, cottage-cheese-type skin that is barely noticeable but still makes you feel very self-conscious. We all know it. It happens to almost every woman; whether you are thin or heavy, muscular or not, cellulite can appear on your body, whether you want it to or not. 


However, at Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center, we can help eliminate the appearance of cellulite! We are proud to offer two treatments that remove the presence of cellulite to leave the skin looking smoother than it has in years. QWO® and VelaShape® can help provide you with a smoother, dimple-free appearance. Below, we’ll explore what cellulite is, how it develops, and how you can treat and maintain your results so that you can enjoy skin that you’re proud of.


What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is fat that collects just below the surface of the skin. The reason for its unsightly appearance is that the fat pushes up against the connective tissues of the skin, which causes the dimpled or cottage cheese appearance. The reality is that cellulite is not harmful, but it can (and does) cause people to feel self-conscious and embarrassed about their appearance. The most common areas that cellulite presents itself are the hips, thighs, and buttocks.


How Does Cellulite Develop?

Cellulite is more common in women than men; however, men can still experience cellulite on their bodies. Hormonal factors, genetics, and age play huge roles in the development and appearance of cellulite. As people age, the skin loses collagen and elastin, making the skin less taut and firm. 


Some individuals experience cellulite more than others. For men, their skin tends to be thicker than women’s, so the cellulite does not always present itself, even if men have the same amount of fat in the same areas as a woman. Additionally, cellulite can also be hidden a little bit better on people with darker skin tones. 


The professionals at Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center will examine you during your consultation to determine the severity of your cellulite. This consultation process will help to determine which treatment is best suited for you and your needs at this time. 


It’s important to understand that there are different grades of cellulite that can also help in the treatment selection process. 


  • Grade 1 (mild): Superficial dimpling, typically one to four slight depressions in the skin. Think of an orange peel. 
  • Grade 2 (moderate): Deeper rippling, typically five to nine medium depressions in the skin. Think of cottage cheese.
  • Grade 3 (severe): Deep skin rippling, typically 10 or more deep depressions. Think of a mattress. 



How Is Cellulite Treated?

Now that you have cellulite, you want to find out how to get rid of it. Cellulite is tricky, because even though it is caused by fat pushing up against the connective tissues, this fat and the resulting condition cannot really be eliminated with diet or exercise. Additionally, there isn’t really a way to prevent cellulite from appearing, as it is a very common condition that happens over time. That’s where we come in! At Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center, we offer QWO® and VelaShape® for the elimination of cellulite on the body.  



QWO® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that helps to release fibrous bands that cause the appearance of cellulite. This treatment is used to redistribute fat cells so that they are not clumped together, which creates the appearance of the dimpled skin. This safe treatment also stimulates the growth of new collagen to result in a smoother-looking treatment area. A full QWO® treatment requires three separate treatment sessions, with each spaced 21 days apart from each other.


While the treatment itself is relatively painless, the most common side effects of QWO® include bruising, tenderness, redness, and swelling. Some patients may also experience hardness in the treatment area. There is minimal downtime associated with this cellulite treatment, and patients may return to their regular activities immediately following their treatment.


VelaShape® uses a combination of vacuum technology, infrared light, and radiofrequency (RF) energy to manipulate the skin and gently heat fat cells and surrounding tissue. This process is painless, often being compared to a warm, deep-tissue massage. Another positive of this procedure is that there is no required downtime. This means that patients can return to regular activities right away. While some patients can see noticeable results after one or two sessions, most patients require a series of six treatments to see complete results. 


Maintaining My Results

While you cannot change your age or how your body responds to the natural aging process, you can alter your lifestyle to help maintain your results. Diet and exercise may not be a way to get rid of cellulite on the butt or legs, but they can help to minimize the amount of fat that accumulates in the areas that have already been treated. Performing exercises in your abdomen, glute, and leg areas can help to tighten the skin, resulting in a reduced appearance of cellulite. Continued QWO® and VelaShape® treatments can also help to keep the appearance of cellulite at bay. 



For more information about cellulite reduction at Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center, please call our office at 561-234-4026 or fill out our online contact form.