Do Banana Peels Really Work Like BOTOX?

Banana peels have become a viral skincare trend on TikTok, with people claiming that rubbing the inside of a peel on your face can smooth wrinkles similar to injectable neuromodulators like BOTOX. But is there any truth to this banana peel BOTOX hack?

As someone interested in anti-aging skincare, you may be wondering – can this simple fruit facial really soften wrinkles and give you younger-looking skin? While bananas do contain beneficial antioxidants and nutrients, simply rubbing a peel on your skin cannot penetrate deeply enough to relax facial muscles and dramatically reduce wrinkles like BOTOX can. However, trying this hack likely won’t cause any harm either.

If you want real, lasting wrinkle reduction, professional anti-aging skin treatments are still your best option. Below, we’ll break down how the banana peel BOTOX trend started, whether it really works, and the best alternatives for smoothing away your wrinkles for good.


What’s the TikTok Banana Peel BOTOX Trend?

The banana peel BOTOX hack went viral on TikTok in 2022 after several users posted videos showing themselves rubbing the inside of a ripe banana peel directly on their face and neck. The trend promises a natural, homemade alternative to wrinkle-relaxing neuromodulator injections.

The instructions for the hack are simple:

  1. Peel a very ripe banana (the riper the better).
  2. Gently rub the inside of the peel on your clean, dry skin for 1 to 2 minutes, concentrating on areas with wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.
  3. Leave the banana peel residue on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off.
  4. Apply your regular moisturizer.

TikTokers claim doing this simple facial two to three times per week will:

  • Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighten and tone sagging skin
  • Fade dark spots and improve skin texture
  • Give your skin a radiant, youthful glow

Some videos even claim you can see dramatic results after just one use. But is this skincare hack really a natural miracle Botox alternative?

Does Rubbing a Banana Peel on Your Face Help with Wrinkles?

Rubbing the inside of a ripe banana peel directly on your skin won’t provide anywhere near the dramatic wrinkle-reducing results that dermal filler or BOTOX injections can. However, it also probably won’t do any harm, unless you happen to be allergic to bananas.

Why It Is Not Effective

Here’s why the banana peel BOTOX trick is more skinternet hype than skincare magic:

BOTOX works below the skin – BOTOX and other neuromodulators are injected under the skin to target the muscular activity that causes dynamic wrinkles. Simply rubbing a peel on the surface of your skin does nothing to penetrate down and relax those wrinkle-causing muscles.

No real scientific evidence – There are no scientific studies proving banana peels can reduce wrinkles. The only evidence is anecdotal claims from TikTok users.

Bananas may have some skin benefits – Bananas do contain beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium. And the inside of the peel contains lutein, which may hydrate, brighten, and soothe skin. So rubbing it on your face probably provides some nourishment.

Do Bananas Have Any Benefit for Skin?

Benefits are limited – Whatever nutrients exist in a banana peel, very little is actually penetrating deep enough into your skin to make a dramatic difference with wrinkles, brightness, or tone.

It doesn’t exfoliate – Some sources claim banana peels exfoliate, but the peel is too soft to slough off dead skin cells like a real exfoliant. Don’t expect this hack to deeply exfoliate your skin.

So in summary – yes, bananas contain some beneficial nutrients and properties. But a banana peel facial does not provide anywhere close to the same wrinkle-relaxing effect that professional injectables like BOTOX offer. You’ll get more noticeable anti-aging results from proven skin treatments.

Are There Downsides to Rubbing Banana Peels on Your Face?

For most people, regularly rubbing a banana peel on your face and rinsing it off won’t cause any significant problems or reactions.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you may potentially experience:

  • Mild redness and irritation from rubbing the peel vigorously on your skin (this can happen with any new product)
  • Clogged pores or breakouts from the residue (bananas are relatively high glycemic)
  • An allergic reaction, if you have a banana allergy

To be safe, first test any new homemade skincare ingredient like a banana peel on a small patch of your skin to check for redness, itching, or other signs of irritation. And stop using immediately if you notice any negative effects.

Overall, this hack is harmless for most people. Just don’t expect very noticeable anti-aging results.

What Are the Best Skin Treatments for Wrinkles?

While fun to try, banana peel facials will not provide the same dramatic and lasting wrinkle reduction that professional anti-aging skin treatments can offer you.

Here are a few of the top non-invasive services for erasing wrinkles, approved and performed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons:


The injectable neuromodulator BOTOX relaxes wrinkle-causing facial muscles to smooth existing dynamic lines and prevent new ones from forming. Treatment takes about 10 minutes with zero downtime. Results last three to four months. BOTOX can treat crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines, and bands in the neck.


Injectable dermal fillers add volume under your skin to fill in lines, creases, and lost facial volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restylane smooth away smile lines, plump lips, accentuate cheeks, and restore youthful facial contours. No downtime is needed. Results can last up to 18 months with most fillers.

Microneedling with RF

Devices like InMode Morpheus8 and Profound RF microneedle directly into your skin to stimulate new collagen growth. Combining microneedling with radiofrequency energy also tightens and lifts. It takes a series of three to six treatments for best results. Downtime is minimal and results last about a year.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Ablative and non-ablative lasers remove damaged outer skin layers and trigger collagen and elastin production. Laser Skin Resurfacing treats wrinkles while also improving tone, texture, pores, and pigmentation. Downtime lasts around one to two weeks. Significant improvement is visible after just one session.

Chemical Peels

Medium-depth and deep chemical peels use acids to remove damaged skin cells, promote collagen production, and reveal younger-looking skin. Improvement with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, tone, and texture is visible after one treatment. Repeat peels every one to two months to maintain results.

So, Is Banana Peel BOTOX a Worthwhile Anti-Aging Hack for You?

Most people want visible anti-aging results from any skin treatment. At best, rubbing a ripe banana peel on your face provides minimal topical nourishment from nutrients like vitamin C and lutein. But it does not truly mimic professional wrinkle relaxers in any way.

While banana peels are not likely to cause much harm, also don’t expect them to “Botox” your wrinkles away. For real wrinkle reduction with lasting results, your best bet is still to have in-office treatments like injectable neuromodulators, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, or microneedling procedures performed by a licensed, experienced provider, like our team at Sanctuary Medical.

These cosmetic rejuvenation treatments all work below your skin’s surface to actively relax, plump, or stimulate collagen in wrinkled areas. And they deliver dramatic improvements that you and others will notice right away – no TikTok hype required.

FAQs About Banana Peel BOTOX

Does a banana peel facial tighten sagging skin?

No, rubbing a banana peel on your skin does not tighten sagging skin like a professional treatment can. The peel only provides topical nutrients, not skin tightening.

Can you use green banana peels for wrinkles?

Some claim unripe, green peels may work better due to more antioxidants. But there’s no evidence that either ripe or green peels dramatically reduce wrinkles.

Do you need organic bananas for the peel facial?

No. Standard store-bought bananas work fine for this hack. Pesticide levels don’t impact topical application.

Can you leave a banana peel on overnight?

No, don’t leave a peel on overnight. 15-30 minutes is enough. Longer could irritate your skin without added benefit.

How long does it take to see results from a banana peel facial?

Sources claim results in 1-2 weeks from 2-3 peels per week. But there’s no scientific proof of dramatic wrinkle reduction over time. Any minor improvements are likely temporary.