“Baby BOTOX”: What Is It, and Is It Right for You?

According to recent data released by The Aesthetic Society, neurotoxin injections like BOTOX are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment for both women and men and across all age groups. As this anti-aging injectable treatment continues to skyrocket in popularity, new trends and techniques are sure to emerge.


One such trend is so-called “baby BOTOX,” which has been popularized by celebrities and social media influencers in recent months. This technique uses smaller, “baby”, amounts of BOTOX to achieve subtle results and/or benefit from the product’s preventative effects.


So how do you know if baby BOTOX or traditional BOTOX injections could be right for you? Read through the answers to these commonly asked questions about baby BOTOX vs. regular BOTOX to help you get a better idea of which might make the most sense for you before booking an appointment to speak with a skincare professional about your specific needs and goals.



What Is Baby BOTOX?


Also called micro-BOTOX, baby BOTOX utilizes fewer units of botulinum toxin than regular BOTOX and is typically used for areas of your face where you might have less-pronounced wrinkles or where you would like to prevent deeper wrinkles from forming. For example, a typical BOTOX treatment for forehead wrinkles might use 20 to 30 units to smooth away lines and creases in this area, while a baby BOTOX treatment for your forehead might use only 10 units.


Baby BOTOX treatments work the same way as regular BOTOX: by temporarily relaxing the facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles, thus preventing static lines and wrinkles from forming on your skin. However, because baby BOTOX uses less product, your results will be less dramatic than with a regular BOTOX treatment.



What Are the Benefits of Baby BOTOX vs. Regular BOTOX?


Baby BOTOX is generally best suited for people who have less-pronounced lines and wrinkles or who are looking to prevent wrinkles formation. These micro-injections are also great for anyone who has never used BOTOX before and wants to get an idea of what their results might look like without seeing a dramatic change.


A few of the most notable benefits of getting baby BOTOX vs. full BOTOX are:

  • You’ll see subtler, natural-looking results.
  • You’ll retain facial movements in treated areas.
  • You’ll have fewer side effects, such as less swelling and bruising.
  • Your results won’t be as long-lasting, making baby BOTOX a good choice for first timers.



What’s the Best Age for Baby BOTOX?


While baby BOTOX is popular among many age groups, its preventative effects can be maximized by starting treatments in your 20s and 30s, before deeper wrinkles and creases have formed.



What to Expect During Your Baby BOTOX Appointment?


If you’ve ever had BOTOX before, you can expect a nearly identical experience for a baby BOTOX appointment. The only difference is that your provider will use less product for baby BOTOX than he or she would with a full BOTOX treatment.


During your baby BOTOX treatment, you will first review with your provider which areas of your face you would like to have treated and how much BOTOX will be used. A topical numbing cream is often used for added comfort. Your provider will then carefully inject the BOTOX into the desired areas with a small needle. The entire process typically takes 20 minutes or less.



What Are the Side Effects of Baby BOTOX?


Like full BOTOX, baby BOTOX can result in temporary swelling or bruising near the injection site(s). Although common, these side effects should gradually subside on their own over the several days following your appointment. One benefit of opting for baby BOTOX vs. full BOTOX is that swelling and bruising tend to be less pronounced after baby BOTOX than with full BOTOX.


While complications such as headaches, eyelid drooping, or muscle weakness are rare even with full BOTOX, there is an even lower risk of these types of complications with baby BOTOX, since it uses less product. Still, the best way to minimize your risk of side effects and complications after either type of BOTOX treatment is to ensure your provider is properly trained and qualified.



Is Baby BOTOX Cheaper than Regular BOTOX?


Generally speaking, baby BOTOX can be slightly less expensive than full BOTOX because less product is used. However, it is important to remember that you are still paying for the expertise and technical skill of your provider, no matter how much BOTOX you get, so you should still be wary of providers who may offer very low prices for baby BOTOX that don’t seem to line up with other providers in your area.


That said, there are safe ways to save money on BOTOX without sacrificing the quality of your provider, such as taking advantage of special promotions and packages from reputable BOTOX providers in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale and utilizing Allergan’s new Allē reward program.



How Long Does Baby BOTOX Last?


Baby BOTOX typically lasts two to three months, compared to four or five months for full BOTOX. Because it generally lasts a few months less than regular BOTOX, baby BOTOX can be a good choice for anyone who has never had BOTOX before or who does not necessarily want to keep up with regular maintenance injections, as the results will be less dramatic.



Can Baby BOTOX Be Paired with Other Treatments?


Yes! Baby BOTOX works great in a liquid facelift, for example, which often combines injectables like BOTOX and dermal fillers to achieve a smoother, more youthful look without surgery. Other cosmetic treatments that can pair nicely with BOTOX include laser skin treatments, chemical peels, and facials. Talk to an experienced BOTOX provider to create a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals


Even though baby BOTOX is administered in small amounts, this popular cosmetic treatment still needs to be provided by a properly trained and certified skincare professional. If you are considering micro-BOTOX or full BOTOX, give our Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale office a call at 561-246-6328 or contact us online to set up a time to speak with one of our highly-skilled and experienced BOTOX providers.