4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

With warmer, sunnier days ahead, it’s time to start spring cleaning — but we’re not talking about mopping and dusting. We’re talking cleaning out your beauty bag and upgrading your skincare routine for healthier, happier skin all year long. Here are our four top tips to “spring clean” your beauty routine.

1. Clean or Replace Makeup Brushes

Though often overlooked, clean makeup brushes and other beauty tools are a staple to any beauty regimen. Makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and other tools should be cleaned at least every two weeks. Otherwise, dirt, oil, and old makeup will stay trapped inside the brushes and will end up on your face the next time you use them — yuck! And if you’ve had the same brushes for decades, it might be time to replace them altogether. 


While we’re on the subject of cleaning, it’s a good idea to clean your pillowcase and sheets on the same schedule — at least every two weeks. That way, your face lies against a clean surface every night, keeping unwanted bacteria away.

2. Toss Out Expired Products

Yes, makeup and skincare products do expire! Spring is an excellent time to sort through your beauty bag and throw away any products that are well past their expiration dates. Over time, the active ingredients in your skincare products break down and thus lose their effectiveness. This is especially true of products that contain vitamin C, as this ingredient can break down quickly if not stored in a dark, cool place. 


Sunscreen is another important product to replace if it is past its expiration date or if it has been kept out in the sun. Using expired SPF can leave your skin susceptible to UV damage, as the product is likely no longer as effective as it should be.

3. Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer

If you tend to get drier skin in the cooler winter months, you might have switched to a heavier moisturizer for extra hydration. Spring is generally the time to break out your lighter-weight moisturizer again, unless you have very dry skin all year-round. For many people, however, a lighter moisturizer is enough to keep their skin properly hydrated during the spring and summer seasons. 

4. Reevaluate Your Skincare Regimen

Have you been using the same cleanser or serums for years just because, without really looking into their ingredients and whether or not those products are right for your skin type? Take stock of your current skincare regimen and make sure each product is a match for you. Not sure where to start? Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to help you revamp your skincare regimen and ensure the products you’re using are pulling their weight for your skin and not sabotaging your efforts!


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