What Is a Photofacial?

Over time, our skin wears down, showing both the signs of age and the wear and tear from our lifestyle. These facial marks can range from fine lines and wrinkles to sun damage to hyperpigmentation to rosacea. Not only do these facial issues take away from your facial aesthetic, but they can cause your entire appearance to look old and worn down.


If you struggle with facial skin issues, then it goes without saying that your self-confidence can be hit hard, and you can often feel embarrassed to show your face in public. In fact, facial blemishes (whether from age or lifestyle) often cause many men and women to cover their faces with hats, sunglasses, and clothing or even keep them from social gatherings. However, instead of losing out on doing the things you love, why not correct these problems, and take your life back? 


Well, the good news is that there are numerous cosmetic treatments available to help correct blemishes and uneven facial skin. From injectables to lasers to microdermabrasion, the list of treatments goes on and on. But with so many options available, choosing the right one for you can feel overwhelming. However, this blog will explore the benefits of photofacial treatments. But what does a photofacial do? Read on and find out…


What Is a Photofacial?


A photofacial treatment uses laser light energy to help correct skin blemishes at their core. At Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center, we are proud to offer BBL™ Hero Photofacial. BBL™ (BroadBand Light) Photofacial uses intense pulsed light (IPL®) to penetrate the skin to its deeper layers to jumpstart cell regeneration. In particular, BBL™ Photofacial helps to improve the production of collagen in your skin. And this is important since collagen is responsible for the strength and health of your skin. In essence, you can think of it this way: your photofacial treatment causes your body to correct your skin blemishes naturally. So, whether you struggle with facial veins, age spots, or acne scars, you can allow your face, neck, and chest to look the way you’ve always wanted. 


How Do You Know If BBL™ Photofacial Is Right for You?


As with any cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery, for that matter, the most important aspect of your procedure is your consultation. Your photofacial consultation allows you a chance to discuss your aesthetic frustrations as well as your facial skin goals with your skincare expert. You can ask as many questions as you want, which can definitely help calm your mind and nerves, especially if this is your first cosmetic skincare treatment. 


Additionally, at your consultation, your aesthetic service provider will have the chance to evaluate your skin to determine if BBL™ Photofacial is the right treatment for you. He or she will also be able to discuss with you the various treatment areas that BBL™ can help improve as well as give you any pre- and post-treatment instructions. After your consultation, you should have a clear idea of what to expect, both with the treatment itself and the results you can look forward to achieving.


What Is Photofacial Treatment Like?


Your BBL™ Photofacial treatment can be completed in as little time as 15 minutes but usually takes around 30 minutes. Before your treatment, a cooling gel will be applied to your facial skin in the treatment area(s). Some patients choose to also have a topical ointment applied, to help minimize any discomfort they may experience during the treatment; however, there is no pain reported from patients who have undergone BBL™ treatments. Once the gel has been applied, your aesthetic service provider will use the BBL™ Hero Photofacial handheld device and move it over the treatment area of your face. The handheld device directs light energy of different wavelengths to the deep layers of your skin without hurting any of the surrounding areas. This light energy heats up and is absorbed by the skin cells to help stimulate collagen production and cell recovery. 


You may experience a feeling of warmth in the treated areas as well as red and swollen skin after your treatment. Many patients liken the feeling to that of a sunburn. Over the next few days, the swelling and redness will dissipate, and the dead skin cells will flake and fall off your facial skin. You can expect to see your final results in a week’s time. One of the best parts about BBL™ Photofacial is that there is little to no downtime required. In fact, many patients are able to return to their normal, daily activities the very next day.



What Should I Expect After My BBL™ Treatment?


Whatever facial, neck, or chest skin issue you are struggling with, BBL™ Photofacial can help give you the regenerated skin you’ve been looking for. In addition to a softer and smoother feel and look of your skin, you can look forward to a clearer skin tone. And it is important to note that the improvements that BBL™ offers don’t stop at your physical appearance. Instead, patients have been able to feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance after BBL™ Photofacial treatments. And that is because they can look in the mirror and see themselves as they’ve always wanted to be seen. 


While photofacial results are not permanent, requiring maintenance treatments every three months or so, keeping to a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise as well as a consistent skincare routine that includes wearing sunscreen when outside and staying out of direct sunlight) can definitely help prolong your results.


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