Guidelines for Buying Beauty Products Online

Buying beauty products and booking skincare treatments online is a convenient way to find the products and services you want – and sometimes at a great price. But there are a few red flags to watch out for. Follow these three top tips to help ensure the beauty products you’re buying are legitimate and right for your skin type.

1. Beware of counterfeit beauty products

Counterfeit and fake skincare products sold online is a growing problem across the beauty industry. Oftentimes, counterfeit products will appear to be in the right packaging with the right labels, with only slight differences in appearance that distinguish them from the real product. The trouble is that the formula inside the bottle contains unknown ingredients, is expired, or both.

Always purchase beauty products from a reputable cosmetic dermatology office or other trustworthy website to avoid unknowingly buying counterfeit items online. It’s also a good idea to spot test new products before applying them all over your skin, in case you have an allergic reaction.

2. Take advantage of a great deal – but from a reputable source

You’ll often find great deals on beauty products and skin treatments online, but it’s crucial that you accept deals only from a reputable source. While there’s nothing wrong with saving some money by booking online, you do need to vet the provider first.

The best way to snag a trustworthy deal online is to shop from a reputable cosmetic dermatology website. At Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale, we offer a week-long Local Love sale every year, which kicks off on Tuesday, August 11th this year.

You can save on a variety of treatments and products, including:

  • $50 off HydraFacials
  • 10% off all fillers
  • 15% off Kybella and SPF products
  • 20% off CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, Sculpsure, and UltraShape
  • 25% off single toxin injections
  • 30% off laser hair removal packages

3. Know who will be administering beauty treatments

Booking beauty treatments like facials, fillers, and laser treatments online can be convenient and might even help you save some money, but you should always know who will be fulfilling that service for you. Choose a reputable cosmetic dermatology office where only fully trained and certified providers administer injections, laser treatments, and other skincare treatments. You should be able to find information about a practice’s individual providers on its website.

4. Don’t skip your office visit

As easy as online shopping for skincare products can be, you still need to make sure you’re shopping for the right products for your skin type and needs. So don’t skip out on your in-person appointment with a skincare professional to discuss your specific skincare needs and goals. Once you know the products and ingredients that will work for your skin, your online beauty shopping spree can begin!

Bottom line

With so many buying options online, it has never been easier to find the beauty products and treatments your skin needs to look and feel its best. However, always triple-check that you’re buying and booking from a reputable provider.

For questions or more information, contact us online or call our Boca Raton office at 561-886-0970.