You are Safe at Sanctuary

We are committed to always keeping our patients, employees and community safe. We have created extensive plans and internal guidelines to ensure you can receive the care you need in the safest manner possible at our facility. Here is what we are doing to keep you safe at Sanctuary.

All employees’ temperatures are taken and recorded every morning.

Anyone with a temperate of 99.5 or higher is asked to return home and are requested to receive a COVID-19 test. Once results are received of negative, they may resume working.

All employees are required to wear a mask when inside the building.

All providers are offered additional face shields to wear during treatments for added protection.

All commons areas are sanitized a minimum of five times per day.

Social distancing is required whenever possible and no physical contact is allowed amongst employees.

Water fountains, dispensers and coffee stations have been removed.

Hospital grade cleaning solutions are used daily during office cleaning by the building.

Only employees that are scheduled to work and patients with appointments are allowed access to the office.

No representatives, visitors or accompanying people permitted in the office.

All patients are required to wear a mask while they are in office.

A COVID-19 questionnaire is answered prior to appointments for all patients.

Any patients who are feeling ill or have come in contact with COVID-19 are asked to kindly reschedule, a minimum of three weeks out.

All pens, clipboards and high touch surfaces are used once and either discarded (if applicable) or sanitized prior to next usage.