5 Tips to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dermatologist Near You

As we head into National Skincare Awareness Month, what better time to start planning a skincare treatment or two to put your best face forward? But before you dive right into scheduling a facial or injectable appointment, use this guide to help you pick the best cosmetic dermatology practice in your area so you get the smooth, natural-looking results you’re hoping for.

1. Check Credentials and Experience

First and foremost, alway check the professional credentials of the providers at the cosmetic dermatology office you’re considering. Non-surgical skin treatments still need to be performed by a trained and appropriately certified professional.

Similarly, he or she should have ample experience with the specific treatment(s) you’re considering. Injectable fillers, for example, require not only technical skill but also an artistic eye and delicate hand – so be sure you’re working with a pro to ensure beautiful results and minimize the risk of complications.

2. Ask for Recommendations and Check Online Reviews

When looking for a cosmetic dermatology practice near you, ask friends and family members for recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals are an excellent way to find the best skincare professionals out there.

Beyond those in your social circle, online reviewers can be a big help when narrowing down your search. Make sure the practice you’re looking at has plenty of positive reviews online, and don’t forget to check the date to be sure they’re recent.

3. Don’t Bargain Shop

Picking a cosmetic dermatologist based purely on price is a big no-no. While reputable practices do offer deals and specials from time to time, prices that sound too good to be true are huge red flags. Instead, make your decision based on credentials, experience, and reputation, then start looking at pricing and specials to find the best fit for you and your budget.

4. Schedule a Consultation

Once you’ve narrowed your search to your top one or two picks, schedule a consultation. While there, take note of how clean and organized the office is, how friendly and helpful the staff is, and see if the provider is a good fit for your personality and preferences.

You should never feel pressured to book a treatment at your consultation. If you do, you might want to take a look at your next top pick.

5. Go with Your Gut

You should feel relaxed and comfortable at your consultation. If something feels off or if you feel like you’re the subject of a sales pitch, you might want to seek a second opinion elsewhere.

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