5 Skin Fitness Tips for the New Year, According to Plastic Surgeons

Fitness-related New Year’s resolutions are the most popular type of resolution that Americans make year after year. But did you know that with just a few tweaks, you could also improve your skin “fitness” to get a glowing, healthy complexion in the coming months?


We spoke to two top plastic surgeons in Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale, Florida to get the insider scoop on easy steps you can take to improve your skin’s health and appearance in 2023. See what Dr. Jason Pozner and Dr. Jonathan Cook had to say about how to give your skin a glow-up this New Year in a few simple steps.


1. Get a Personalized, Medical-Grade Skincare Routine


When it comes to skincare products and brands, it seems that there is constantly something new being marketed on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. While there are certainly benefits to having such a wealth of information available at our fingertips, this constant stream of new skincare trends and products can leave many people feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to sift through all of the decisions to put together the best skincare regimen for their skin.


In fact, using the wrong skincare products for your specific skin type and needs can have the opposite effect and may make common conditions like acne, redness or dryness worse. Instead, board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Pozner and Dr. Cook suggest working with an experienced skincare professional to create a personalized medical-grade skincare routine.


“Medical-grade skincare is a must for taking your skin to the next level,” says Dr. Cook. “I recommend working with our aestheticians to come up with a personalized regimen that suits your unique skin needs and budget.”


As Dr. Cook points out, an effective skincare regimen doesn’t have to be expensive. The key is to know which products are worth spending a little more money on and which are simply unnecessary for your skin’s specific needs. This is where a knowledgeable aesthetician can help, so that you can walk away with an effective skincare regimen that will maximize results and minimize side effects like redness or flaking.


2. Make Sunscreen Part of Your Daily Regimen


While some skincare products are best for only certain skin types, other skincare staples are recommended for every skincare regimen, regardless of skin type. One such skincare staple is SPF.


“High quality sunscreen should be a part of everyone’s daily routine living in Florida,” says Dr. Pozner, “especially for those with an active lifestyle, such as spending time boating, playing tennis, or working outdoors.” Dr. Pozner recommends using a daily SPF of 30 or higher.


While any SPF will work, some people find that certain sunscreen products can contribute to acne, oiliness, or other bothersome skin problems. If this is the case for you, work with a skincare professional to help you choose the best sunscreen for your needs. Physical sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as the active ingredients, for example, are often a preferred choice for those with sensitive skin.


Once you have found a sunscreen that works well for your skin, you will be more likely to stick with applying it on a daily basis and thus protecting your skin from premature aging minimizing the risk of skin cancer.


3. Toss Out Expired Products


Keep in mind that skincare products do expire, so getting in the habit of checking the expiration dates on your products at the beginning of the year can help to ensure your regimen will be as effective as possible.


Sunscreen can be particularly problematic because it is often stored in a beach bag or left in the car, which can accelerate the breakdown of its active ingredients, rendering them less effective at protecting your skin from UV light. Vitamin C is another ingredient that can be particularly susceptible to heat and light. Always store sunscreen, vitamin C serums, and other skincare products in a cool, dry, dark location to prolong their shelf life.


4. Schedule Periodic Fractional Laser Treatments


Even with a customized skincare regimen, you might find that one or two skin concerns such as enlarged pores, dark spots, or wrinkles continue to be a challenge to improve. When this is the case, you might consider in-office skin treatments to help give your skin the boost it needs to self-heal from the inside out. One highly effective treatment option for a variety of skin concerns is fractional laser treatments.


“Periodic fractional laser treatments such as Halo or MOXI by Sciton are an incredibly effective way to keep your skin fresh and healthy,” says Dr. Cook. “We are able to improve skin texture and skin pigment in ways that are simply impossible with other devices and/or products!”


Halo and MOXI can be used either on their own or combined together to treat a wide range of skin concerns, including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, pigmentation concerns, and others. MOXI is also known as a prejuvenation skin treatment to help prevent these types of skin problems before they show up in the first place.


5. Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Habits


Finally, all of those healthy fitness-related habits that might be at the top of your resolutions list can double as skin fitness habits, too. The health and appearance of your skin is directly related to the health of your body as a whole, so making healthy lifestyle changes is an important step in achieving and maintaining healthy, glowing skin all year long.


Some of the best habits you can start for both your skin and your overall health include:

Not smoking or vaping
Drinking plenty of water
Getting adequate sleep each night
Reducing stress
Eating antioxidant-rich foods
Limiting alcohol and sugar intake
Getting regular exercise


Whether you are just beginning your newfound skin fitness journey or would simply like to improve your existing skincare regimen, our highly experienced skincare professionals here at Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center can help you take your skin health to the next level. To easily schedule a consultation, call our Boca Raton & Fort Lauderdale office today at 561-462-0489 or get in touch with us online.