3 Signs You Need Masseter BOTOX®


The masseter muscle is the muscle that runs on either side of your jawline, from the back part of the cheek to the lower jaw. This muscle is responsible for the chewing movement of the jaw. However, if the masseter is overused, it can sometimes lead to a series of medical and aesthetic concerns.


Aside from its ability to “relax” the wrinkles on various areas of the face, BOTOX® can be injected into your masseter muscle to reduce various symptoms. Masseter BOTOX® has been proven to be beneficial in helping both women and men find pain relief in the jaw and with migraines. BOTOX® can even be used to correct aesthetic concerns in the treatment area. Below are three signs that can show if you’re a candidate for masseter BOTOX®.


Sign #1: TMJ/Jaw Pain

Aside from the masseter muscle, there is one more part of the jaw that helps you chew. This is referred to as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is a hinge that keeps your jawbone attached to your skull.


What Causes TMJ and Jaw Pain?

Aging, calcium deficiency, or bruxism can lead to a weakened TMJ. Past trauma to your temporomandibular joint may also cause constant pain when you try to chew or open your mouth. If you constantly grind your teeth (bruxism) or experience excessive stress, you may also experience a TMJ disorder.


Symptoms of TMJ 

The most common signs that you may need masseter BOTOX® include: 

  • Jaw locking
  • Poor motion range in the jaw
  • Pain in the jaw, face, or ear
  • Stiffness in the jaw muscles
  • Tinnitus (ear ringing)
  • A shift in jaw alignment
  • Popping or clicking sounds coming from the TMJ area


Unless it is caused by trauma, TMJ and jaw pain are not necessarily caused by a weakened bone. If the joint becomes damaged, the bone will likely heal over time. However, if the muscle around the joint is damaged, then the jaw pain may become chronic.


How Masseter BOTOX® Can Help

The masseter muscle is located around the TMJ area. Complications with the jaw hinge often cause pain in the masseter muscle that can be felt each time you clench your jaw. BOTOX® temporarily immobilizes those muscles, which limits you from grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. After your BOTOX® injection, you may experience noticeable relief from TMJ and jaw pain since you will not be overusing the masseter muscle.



Sign #2: Migraines

Migraines are not always caused by tension in the eyes or the upper area of the head. Even if the pain manifests itself in these upper portions of the head, the pain may have an entirely different source (including the masseter muscle), as you can see below:  


Why Does the Masseter Muscle Cause Migraines?

Some of the most common reasons for migraines are tension and muscle contractions. Overusing your masseter muscles can cause tension throughout your face. This can lead to migraines, which are often rooted at the sides of the head.


How Masseter BOTOX® Can Help with Migraines?

When BOTOX® is injected into your masseter muscle, it relaxes the tension that causes the migraines. As you will have limited use of the masseter muscle, which prevents you from grinding your teeth, the tension will be reduced. This reduction in tension helps to alleviate migraine intensity and frequency. BOTOX® is a very useful option for patients who experience severe tension headaches that start at the jawline. 


How Often Should You Get Masseter BOTOX® for Migraines? 

The effects of BOTOX® weaken over time. Once they wear off, your masseter muscle will regain more of its ability to contract, tempting you to overuse it once more. For this reason, it is recommended you schedule masseter BOTOX® injections every three months. At Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center, we encourage you to schedule your appointments ahead of time so that your BOTOX® treatment is set and ready to go when you are due for your next treatment.


Sign #3: Aesthetic Issues



The majority of masseter BOTOX® patients choose the treatment for aesthetic purposes. One session of BOTOX® in your masseter may have the following benefits: 

Slimmer Face

Your masseter muscle is like any other muscle in your body: the more you use it, the stronger it will become. However, stronger muscles also mean larger muscles, and the problem with a larger masster muscle is that it can make the face look square and big. In fact, a large masster is often confused with excess fat in the area. The good news is that the masseter BOTOX® injections will relax the muscle, preventing it from developing further. And, as the muscle weakens, your face will become slimmer.


Feminine Appearance 

Masseter BOTOX® injections can also turn your square-shaped jawline into a heart-shaped one. Square jawlines are often associated with masculine appearances. Therefore, masseter BOTOX® can smooth your jawline to relieve the harsh lines, which ultimately creates a more feminine facial aesthetic.


Teeth Preservation

Most people inject masseter BOTOX® for obvious aesthetic reasons, such as a slimmer face or a more feminine look. However, this type of BOTOX® treatment can also protect your teeth. 


If you are suffering from conditions such as bruxism (grinding of teeth), you risk damaging your teeth. Unless the unconscious habit is brought under control, the grinding can lead to chipping, wear, or even cracking of the teeth. Masseter BOTOX® injections help to eliminate teeth grinding, which gives your mouth a chance to relax and saves any unwanted wear and tear on your teeth.


Symmetrical Look

Sometimes, jaw tension may cause a shift in jaw alignment. Depending on where the tension is located, the jawline may be pulled in that direction, which causes an asymmetrical look. By using BOTOX® injections, you can relieve t hat tension, which results in a more symmetrical jawline and facial appearance.


Verdict: Should You Get Masseter BOTOX® Treatment?

Masseter BOTOX® treatment is useful for various conditions and issues, from medical to aesthetic ones. Whether you are dealing with jaw pain or migraines, or you just want to slim down your jawline, masseter BOTOX® performed at Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center can help. Schedule your initial consultation to discuss your concerns and goals, and our medical professionals will determine if BOTOX® is the right treatment plan for you.


For more information about masseter BOTOX®, please contact Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center at 561-886-0970. You may also use our contact form, should you prefer this method. We look forward to assisting you!