4 Facts about MOXI Laser Treatments You Probably Didn’t Know

Looking for a laser treatment that has it all — effective, yet gentle treatments that are suitable for any skin type? Look no further than MOXI, a popular laser skin treatment that can treat and prevent a range of common skin concerns, from sun damage and dark spots to wrinkles and uneven skin tone. 

If you’ve never heard of MOXI or are wondering if it could be right for you, take a look at these must-know facts about this popular laser treatment. 



1. MOXI Is Safe for All Skin Tones

Some lasers are known to be best for lighter skin tones because they can sometimes cause hyperpigmentation in those with dark skin. Additionally, some types of lasers are not suitable for treating melasma, as they can make this condition worse. 


MOXI, on the other hand, is safe and effective for all skin tones and types. It can also be an effective treatment option for melasma and other existing pigmentation problems, since it does not produce the high levels of heat that can trigger hyperpigmentation issues like some other types of lasers.

2. MOXI Has “Prejuvenation” Benefits

While it can be used to treat a variety of existing skin conditions such as melasma, sun damage, and wrinkles, the MOXI laser is perhaps best known as a prejuvenation tool to prevent skin problems from popping up in the future. Because MOXI is so gentle on the skin, it can be used even before lines and wrinkles show up to help keep collagen strong.

3. MOXI Doesn’t Require Extensive Recovery

This fractionated, non-ablative laser is gentle on the skin and doesn’t require downtime or extensive healing afterwards, like with ablative lasers. With MOXI, you can expect to get back to your regular routine directly after your appointment, making it easy to squeeze your laser treatment into a busy schedule.


That said, swelling and redness are common side effects with any laser treatment, so it’s best not to plan your treatment the day of an important event.

4. MOXI Plays Well With Other Treatments

MOXI results can be very nicely complemented by other skin treatments such as BBL photofacials. During your consultation, your skincare provider will discuss your unique needs and goals with you to determine if you might see the best and fastest results by pairing MOXI with other cosmetic treatments.


If you would like to learn more about how MOXI works or to schedule a consultation to see if it could be right for you, call our Boca Raton office at 561-247-2958 or book your consultation online today!