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Laser Hair Removal

GentleMax Pro™ Laser Hair Removal in Boca Raton, FL

Located in Boca Raton and serving the residents of West Palm Beach and all of South Florida, Sanctuary Medical Center offers laser hair removal via cosmetic laser treatments to those who would like to be free of dealing with unwanted hair.

What Is Laser Hair Removal and How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that removes unwanted and excess hair from areas of the body via an intensely powered light. The light of the laser heats the hair follicle to the point that the root is destroyed. The skin around it remains unharmed. Today’s advanced technologies allow us to treat different skin tones and hair color. At Sanctuary Medical Center, we use the GentleMax™ Pro Laser.

Why Do People Get Laser Hair Removal?

Many people have excess hair in areas where they prefer to have no hair and make the decision to have it permanently removed rather than use other temporary methods such as waxing or shaving.

What Parts of the Body Can Have Laser Hair Removal?

Our clinicians can gently remove unwanted and embarrassing hair on just about any part of the body. The only areas to avoid are around the eyes. Though not limited to problem areas, most patients have laser hair removal on the following:

  • Back
  • Bikini Line
  • Arm Pits
  • Upper Lip
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Sideburns

How Many Treatments Does It Take to Permanently Remove Unwanted Hair?

Typically, most laser hair removal treatments are successful with about eight sessions although you may require touch-up treatments over time.

How Do I Know If Laser Hair Removal Is Right for Me?

Because we use a variety of lasers to treat different skin types and hair color, most everyone responds well to laser hair removal. One of our skilled providers will evaluate your skin and the area where you want laser hair removal and then make a recommendation on the best plan to achieve the look you want.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Laser hair removal is not painful; however, there may be some discomfort that can be managed with topical anesthetic, if necessary. Patients typically feel a gradual heating in the targeted area. When the hair is dense, there is sometimes a pricking sensation, but that goes away quickly.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, FL?

The cost for laser hair removal is dependent on the area(s) to be treated. We will evaluate your targeted areas, and then discuss the best option for you along with the cost and available financing options.

How Do I Get Started with Laser Hair Removal?

You simply need to schedule your initial consultation with our dermatologists so they can evaluate your situation and discuss the recommended laser hair removal treatment to achieve the look you want.

The physicians and staff at Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca Raton provide personalized care for all our Cosmetic Laser Dermatology patients. We use the most advanced technologies in dermatology to help our patients maintain optimum skin health and restore self-confidence by revitalizing their appearance. To receive more information or schedule a consultation, give us a call at 561.886.0970 to speak with our friendly staff or click the button below.

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