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Dermatology is the study of skin and its related diseases and conditions. A physician who practices dermatology has earned their MD and then studied for an additional four years to specialize in treating skin related conditions. Skin conditions can range from skin cancer and sun damage to scars, pigment defects, acne, skin infections and other issues. The Dermatologists at Sanctuary Medical Center are skilled in providing some of the most advanced dermatological care currently available. Not only do they provide treatment and prevention of diseases and conditions, they also provide education for patients on maintaining healthy skin through a variety of sources.

Sanctuary Medical Center offers a wide range of dermatological treatments with all care specialized to treat you and your individual condition. Our team is dedicated to helping you improve and enhance your appearance and help treat any conditions that may be causing discomfort and stop them from becoming a larger problem. For more information about our dermatologists, please click the links below.