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A Closer Look at BBL™ Photofacial

All the warm sunny days here in South Florida are perfect for enjoying outdoor sports, recreation, or just lounging poolside with a good book. But those blissful moments spent catching rays could have harmful consequences on your skin—and your face ends up taking most of the damage. Unfortunately, even if you apply sunscreen religiously, destructive UV rays can still wreak havoc and cause early signs of aging or even other, more serious health issues. While you may love a little bronze on those cheeks, your beach look may be doing future damage to the health of your skin.

Blast from the Past

Remember that tropical vacation right after graduation? Not a care in the world—especially not the sun. You may have gotten a killer tan but all that sun exposure could be coming back to haunt you. Don’t think it’s just about sunburns either. Sun damage accumulates whether you get burned or not, and in the long run, your face is going to look older and more wrinkled as you age because of it.

Not Just a Summertime Fling

The sun isn’t just out for half the year. Most people know that wearing sunscreen when the sun is beating down in July is a good idea. But preserving your skin isn’t just a summertime exercise. The sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate your skin when it cloudy. You can put a stop to any further damage by diligently applying sunscreen to your face and wearing protective clothing year-round.

With BBL, You Can Keep the Memories but Not the Sun Damage

Fortunately, there are ways to turn back the clock on the destruction done to your face from years of sun exposure. One of the most effective ways is through broad band light (BBL) photofacial therapy.. BBL uses pulses of intense light to gently permeate the layers of your skin, inducing your body’s own natural healing ability to repair the impacted tissues. The result is a more even, smoother appearance to the treated areas of your face. You can restore a natural, more vibrant, and younger look to your skin. BBL photofacial is a safe and effective way to beat back unattractive spots and discoloration caused by too much time in the sun, including brown spots, freckles, and uneven pigmentation. With the recommended number of treatments, you won’t have to let your former days catching rays degrade your today.

BBL Is Not Just for Sun Damage

BBL is great for more than just the treatment of sun damage. It has a wide range of applications to give your face healthier-looking skin. It’s an excellent way to reduce the scarring that acne has left behind too.  Photofacial therapy can also treat age spots, lesions, angiomas, rosacea, and fine blood vessels. It’s even more effective when combined with one of the many dermatological procedures we offer.

BBL Photofacial in Boca Raton at Sanctuary Medical Center

The procedure is gentle, non-invasive, and safe. The entire process may take a few minutes to a half hour, depending on the size of the area that will be treated and the type of procedure performed. In addition to BBL Photofacial, we are happy to offer several skin resurfacing options, including Forever Young BBL™. If you are interested in BBL and are ready to learn more, don’t wait to schedule your initial consultation with our informative team at Sanctuary Medical Center today!