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Stop Sweating for Good with MiraDry®

There is no question about it, it is hot here in Boca Raton! With temperatures reaching well into the 90s and humidity levels high, the weather here in West Palm Beach makes for near perfect conditions for sweat—and lots of it! At Sanctuary Medical Center, we get it! No one wants to deal with excessive sweating. Fortunately, the Sanctuary Medical Center professional team can have you sweat free this summer with the help of miraDry.

miraDry Eliminates Sweat & Smell

It is a little known face that we actually have two different kinds of sweat glands: the first produces perspiration and the second causes odor. Channeling targeted electromagnetic energy to the under arms, miraDry effectively destroys the sweat and odor glands that are located there. Sweat glands are not able to grow back once they are destroyed—so, once they are gone, they are gone for good. 

miraDry Will Have You Saying Goodbye Stained Shirts

Sweat is particularly bothersome here in South Florida. While most other cities get a reprieve from the heat, it is warm here almost year-round. Perspiration and the associated odor can interfere with everything from our confidence, what we wear, and what activities we choose to participate in. How many of us have had to throw away a perfectly good shirt just because it had underarm stains? Change last minute because of pesky white deodorant marks on a dark shirt? Or, avoided certain group activities because we are embarrassed by excessive sweating? With miraDry, are able to relish in life without worrying about sweat. “Don’t sweat it,” was never so fitting.

miraDry Is Safe & Effective

miraDry has safely been performed by experienced physicians like our Boca Raton team for more than five years now. miraDry joins other popular treatments such as Botox® to safely reduce sweating and odor. Whereas other treatments for excessive sweating are temporary and require multiple treatments, miraDry offers permanent sweat reduction in only two treatments and has been show to reduce perspiration by an astounding 86 percent. A short and minimally invasive procedure, miraDry is performed at Sanctuary Medical Center’s Boca Raton practice.

Be Sweat-Free with miraDry at Santuary Medical Center

Don’t let sweat get the best of you any longer! Schedule your miraDry treatment at Sanctuary Medical Center this summer and enjoy a lifetime of being sweat-free.