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Boost Your Confidence With The Sculptra Butt Lift

If you have been avoiding short shorts and bikini bottoms this Florida summer, it may be time for a confidence boost. Having a smoother, fuller, and more voluminous backside can be difficult to achieve no matter how hard you work due to factors outside of your control such as aging and genetics. Because of this, so many women struggle to feel comfortable with their figures, especially during the warmer months. Thankfully our team at Sanctuary Medical Center offers a great alternative to invasive surgery: the Sculptra® Butt Lift. 

The Sculptra Butt Lift

We know you might be a little suspicious after hearing that this butt lift procedure requires no surgery—but it’s true. The Sculptra Butt Lift can achieve natural looking fullness and shapely curves by safely injecting Sculptra  to the buttock area over several sessions. The Sculptra butt Lift technique is designed to restore volume to areas that have lost some of its fullness due to aging by stimulating your body’s own collagen.

Sculptra is a great option for women in Boca Raton and surrounding Southern Florida areas who wish to add volume and smooth the dimpling on their backside without the hassle of surgery or long recovery times.

Butt Lift Made Easy

The Sculptra Butt Lift will be administered at our Boca Raton location and will take about 30-60 minutes to complete depending on your unique goals and condition. To ensure comfort, your Sanctuary professional will apply a topical anesthetic to the targeted area and then the Sculptra will be injected. It’s as simple as that! There is little to no downtime so you may return back to your normal daily activities, although there may be some redness and swelling and bruising.

Over time you will notice volume and shape improvements. The long lasting results are one of the reasons why our team at Sanctuary Medical Center loves Sculptra injections so much! In fact, during a clinical study, the majority of clients confirmed that their results were still visible two years later.

Personalized To Our Florida Clients

We understand that there may be a variety of different reasons why our clients in South Florida are interested in a Sculptra Butt Lift, which is why you deserve a personalized touch. Perhaps, a Brazilian Butt Lift was not an option for you because there was not enough fat for a fat transfer. Or maybe you wish to improve the youthful appearance of your backside, but are not interested in surgery. Regardless of your reasons, our doctors are prepared to personalize your Sculptra Butt Lift procedure to meet your goals. Part of this individual treatment plan will be the number of injections the doctor recommends for your ideal look.

If you are interested in boosting your confidence by restoring volume to your backside, schedule your initial consultation with our team at Sanctuary Medical Center today.