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Age Management

Many medical issues can evolve simply from age or from chronic disease. Sanctuary Medical Center’s team of Age Management physicians work with patients to help combat the problems that come just from growing older. Our physicians perform comprehensive testing to determine the status of a patients’ health and then develops a personalized treatment program to not only increase longevity and prevent disease, but improve the quality of daily life. Many factors contribute to problems with aging such as poor nutrition, excess weight and even the fluctuation of natural hormones in the body. Sanctuary Medical Center is here to help you enjoy life, no matter what your age.

Some of the conditions we specialize in treating include insomnia, difficulty losing weight, energy loss, arthritis, adrenal fatigue, low sexual desire, digestive problems, improper nutrition and many more. If you have a concern that may be a result of simply aging, please contact us for more information and let us start you on the road to a healthier, more enjoyable life. For more information about our age management physicians, please click the links below.