Botox in Boca Raton, FL

Located in Boca Raton, and serving the residents of West Palm Beach and all of South Florida, Sanctuary Medical Center offers BOTOX® Cosmetic and other cosmetic fillers and injectables to those who desire cosmetic dermatology.

What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a prescription medication injected into muscles in the face to temporarily reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles between and around the eyebrows.

How Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected into the muscles in the forehead, in between the eyebrows and around the eyes to reduce wrinkles and lines. When injected, BOTOX® Cosmetic relaxes the muscles in these areas to lessen frown lines that come from age. Many patients inject fillers into wrinkles and lines following BOTOX® Cosmetic injections as a way to plump them up.

What is the Procedure for Injecting BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are done within minutes. While any healthcare professional can administer BOTOX® Cosmetic, all of our providers specialize in cosmetic procedures like injections and cosmetic fillers. They are very experienced in administering BOTOX® Cosmetic and will talk to you about this procedure, whether you will benefit from it, and answer any questions you may have.

Do BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections Hurt?

Most patients say the BOTOX® Cosmetic injections have a slight sting that is similar to a bug bite. Any discomfort is minimal and is gone within minutes of receiving treatment.

What Areas Benefit from BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections?

In general, dermatologists most frequently inject BOTOX® Cosmetic around the eyes to lessen crow’s feet and on the forehead to reduce frown and furrowed brow lines. Additionally, they treat prominent neck bands or cords, fine lines on the upper lips, marionette lines at the corners of the mouth and rippling at the chin. Physicians may also use BOTOX® Medical to treat patients suffering from excess armpit sweat, soles of sweaty feet, and the palms of the hands.

When Will I See Results from BOTOX® Cosmetic?

The marked improvement from BOTOX® will begin to be visible within days with continued improvement for over a month.

How Long Does BOTOX® Last?

BOTOX® injection results last for about four months. If you choose to discontinue receiving treatment, the lines and wrinkles gradually become more apparent just as before starting BOTOX® treatments.

Will I Still Have Natural Facial Expressions?

When administered by an experienced dermatologist, BOTOX® Cosmetic simply reduces the muscle activity in the areas where the frown lines exist. Your face will still be able to show expressions, and you will not look as if you have had a facelift or other cosmetic procedure.

What is the Cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, FL?

As with any other procedure or treatment, the cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic varies depending on the extent of the treatments. During your initial consultation, we will discuss payment options with you.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?

All you need to do is call us to make an appointment for a private consultation to discuss BOTOX® Cosmetic and our other treatments.

Additional Cosmetic Fillers and Injectables

The physicians and staff at Sanctuary Medical Center provide personalized care for our Cosmetic Dermatology patients in Boca Raton. We use the most advanced technologies in dermatology to help our patients maintain optimum skin health and restore self-confidence by revitalizing their appearance. To receive more information or schedule a consultation, contact us today to speak with our friendly staff.